The Things That Comfort Us

I think right now is as good of a time as any to share what comforts us in times that are uncertain and troubling. I know not everything that works for me will work for others so hopefully bellow you can find at least one thing that works for you. Whether you do or don’t I hope you will also take this as an opportunity to share the things that comfort you with others who might be struggling, and maybe help them through this.


The Mountain Goats: * Beat the Champ (Album), * The Jordan Lake Sessions Volumes 1 and 2 (Album) Green Day: * American Idiot - The Original Broadway Cast Recording (Album) Fever Dolls: * Adeline (Single), * Gennifer Flowers (Single), * The Distance (Single),


  • The Big Lebowski,
  • Knives Out,

TV Shows:

  • Community,
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine,
  • The Flash,
  • New Girl,

Reminder these are not necessarily what I consider to be the best in these categories but the most comforting ones.